Monday, March 23, 2015


As far as pictures i dony know Blogger has been aggy , like when i try to do it on my phone it just fails like the whole app . Then on the computer at school it,didnt work as well . But I wont worry about posting the picture of the samples . If i can find a computer or the ones at my house work ill show the complete chapsticks , which will be very soon since the deadline is soon. There also wont be but one collection even if some are tinted it will just be all together, once thats done ill work on getting people to use it and get feedback . So if i do have constant readers , just hold on the end is coming soon :)


Sooo honestly i have lost motivation for this project , which is why its so hard to update my blog . But currently ive done 2 samples which one had to go in the trash due to the fact it had beets in it . Making natural products isnt as easy as people may think , you have to find a way for preservation and if you want it to have a deep tint . So i believe im just going to make chapstick , i Mean its a lip product and it will be 100% natural , i might even find a way to add color but i wont have to worry about it being tinted , which considering the fact the deadline is coming soon it will be easy . But honestly who worked on this during there spring break .