Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Break Hold Up

Its Winter break so im taking time off school work but these upcoming months will be straight working on my 20% project every friday .

Friday, December 12, 2014

Monthly Deliverables

My goals for this month has been altered a little due to the approval process . By the end of January my goal is to have all my materials and starting to make all my hand written recipes for the lipstick so i can keep track of them all . It also will help so when i make the multiple batches i wont have to think of the top of my head for the recipe . Im planning to make at least 3 of my two collections which will be bold and matte which will also have some of the bold colors and a nude color .
So of the goals that i have accomplished is emailing different companies and dyes that will work in lipstick

Friday, December 5, 2014


Hello to any readers that may stop by I know I said I would have weekly blogs about my project , but i'm still in the researching and getting material stage. But when i beginning on the product i most likely will have 2 or so post a week , so just wait on me :).

  I would like to beginning by telling you my purpose of wanting to make a natural lipstick. There are a lot of cosmetics (lip) out there and even i use lipstick thats made with many chemicals that may even be risky and dangerous. Why because a lot of natural lipstick are very expensive and they are not found in every store. There are five Chemicals that may be found in the lipsticks some of y'all reading this are wearing.
1) Methylparaben
2) Propylparaben
3)Retinyl palmitate
4) D&C Red 36 , D&C Red 22 Aluminum Lake
5) Tocopheryl Acetate

These are 5 chemicals that are found in common lipsticks that are considered "hidden" . They can increase risk of cancer , mess with your endocrine system and other toxic effects. Tocopheryl Acetate can cause burning , hives and scaling. Its really important that we research into the products we are using , even though the color is right or what you need doesn't mean its good for your skin, and to make it worst the companies making it know this. They appeal you by making it smooth and creamy or matte and bold. Not saying that these chemicals and the thousands of others will effect everyone skin but it can increase risk of different conditions and cancer. I personally have sensitive skin , dry skin and eczema so i know how it is to try and find natural lipsticks or thing that worked with my skin. But as i've gotten older less effect me now.
Lead is one metal that found in billions of cosmetics
- Maybelline color sensational #125 Pink Petal has about 7.2 parts of lead per million
- Revoln Super Lustrous Pearl #645 Satin plum has about 2.8 parts of lead per million

SO... my ultimatepurpose is to make a natural product that is healthy for your skin.

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Friday, November 14, 2014


Im So excited to be attempting to make a new Natural lipstick for my 20% project. The whole idea or purpose is to make a product that will be lighter on your skin and doesnt contain chemicals. Please join me in this process by reading my weekly blogs.
Im expecting a lot of great feedbacks , helpful comments and a successful product .  Lipstick has recently became one of my new obsessions so im exciting to do a project were i can make my own . If your not familiar with 20% project its a project were u take 20% of your time working on it . Amazing inventions like google was made by someone taking 20% of there time . So every friday in my english class time will be devoted to this project . Hope for a Successful product that you never know one day maybe in your hands . 😊