Saturday, January 31, 2015

Late update

Okay so like i said in my last post i have all my materials . i will still be showin a picture of them but ill make a separate post for the pictures. Other then getting all the materials im writing up the recipes i will do so when i get ready to try them it wont take as long. Also it will be easier if its already written so when i give samples out i can just show the ingredients. So i can get direct feedback on the form i typed up i left a feedback section. So i type this like understanding form or i dont know what you would call it , but everyone who has a sample has to sign it with the understanding that these are 100% natural ingredients and its out there own curiosity and intreast to try it on their skin . I will provide the ingredients on the form as well so there isnt any secrets and even though these ingredients are gentler and healthier for ones skin some people with sensitive or fragile skin may still have a issue . Im excited to see the feedback for people that try my product. 2 weeks from now ill start my trails . Until then keep reading ,make comments and share .

Friday, January 23, 2015

Last Steps

Hi , so this week i've been ordering my materials off of amazon . I have everything i need except the Shea butter and cheese cloth , one i get those materials i will start my samples. I ordered 12 lipstick tubes which now that I'm thinking about it i might need more , but we will see. Im still working on the names and formulating the recipes for both collections (bold & matte). Since this is a project and I'm asking a project that has natural ingredients and its going on ones skin ,  i will be making consent letters. It will include the samples name they are trying , the ingredients included and ones signature. I will allow them to sample it for a week and keep up with feedback as to how it works on their skin and so on. I meant to take pictures and Post them to show the materials i will be using. Since i like to include information i will tell some benefits and other ways to use the oils and butters that will be in the lipsticks.

Coconut Oil: is a edible extracted oil it can be used in cooking for a healthier oil also with hair regiments. Its also used in medicines. It good for clean health skin as well. Other uses include; toothpaste , oil pulling , face wash and more

Shea butter: Common uses as lotion , helps with locking in moisture and keeping your skin healthy and smooth for a long period of time. Other uses include ; soaps , lotions , hair conditioner ,body washes and plenty more

There are more oils that I'll use in my lipstick but there are two. Stay tune , pictures will be included on the next blog. Comment , share and add to you feed :) Have a great weekend

Friday, January 16, 2015

Backround On Lipstick

Lipstick went through many troubles to be accepted, mostly cultural wise. It was look upon as unhealthy as it prevented natural circulation of the blood to the face. But in Asian civilizations it was different and widely accepted as they were the civilization in which lipstick grew. Many worked to find new recipes and colors to make. Even though its been proven that ancient civilizations used natural enhancements , twelve thousand years ago they used manmade artificial ingredients. Natural ingredients were used five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia which is in Iraq. So natural lipsticks hasn't been around long , even though five thousand years ago is a long time , twelve is even longer.

4 Reasons why Lipstick wasn't accepted:
- It might have implied you were a prostitute
- Government even got involved in 1650 parliament tried to ban it , unsuccessfully of course.
- It was an indication of social ranking
- George Washington wore it

 Of course because royal people were wearing this cosmetic product it brought interest to the other people , but it wasn't necessarily suppose to become an everyday person product.

I just wanted to make a blog about some background information on Lipstick , it has changed dramatically as in the way it is made through these years ; but its its defiantly not a new product. Since the approval stage took so long I haven't ordered all my ingredients but i have been looking on amazon. I will most defiantly be making my first sample in February. This project has to be complete by May so crunch time is coming up. If you want to read more about the history of Lipstick (look below).
Check these websites ; also were i got my facts and information for this blog.

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Thanks for reading :) P.S. National LIPSTICK DAY is JULY 29th (yay).

Friday, January 9, 2015

Finally !

So today my project has been approved by my teacher . It took awhile to get it approved , but now i'm going to start ordering my materials off amazon . My goals for this month and the beginning of next month is to get all my materials i will need. Then from there i can begin trails and errors and writing up the recipes , so when i get people to try and sample it they will know what inside so people thats allergic to certain ingredients can avoid trying it. Im great that i can finally work on with my project because i was starting to loss motivation. I plan on making two collection either both the same colors and one glossy and another matte or a different color. I will see depending on how hard it is to come up with colors. When i come up with the colors i will make sure to post pictures and ask for y'all to help me come up with names. Hopefully my blog with become more popular when i start sending in pictures to show what i'm working on. But until the next post make sure to comment , add me to you feed , comment and share. Thanks to all who has been keeping up with my blogs. :)