Friday, January 16, 2015

Backround On Lipstick

Lipstick went through many troubles to be accepted, mostly cultural wise. It was look upon as unhealthy as it prevented natural circulation of the blood to the face. But in Asian civilizations it was different and widely accepted as they were the civilization in which lipstick grew. Many worked to find new recipes and colors to make. Even though its been proven that ancient civilizations used natural enhancements , twelve thousand years ago they used manmade artificial ingredients. Natural ingredients were used five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia which is in Iraq. So natural lipsticks hasn't been around long , even though five thousand years ago is a long time , twelve is even longer.

4 Reasons why Lipstick wasn't accepted:
- It might have implied you were a prostitute
- Government even got involved in 1650 parliament tried to ban it , unsuccessfully of course.
- It was an indication of social ranking
- George Washington wore it

 Of course because royal people were wearing this cosmetic product it brought interest to the other people , but it wasn't necessarily suppose to become an everyday person product.

I just wanted to make a blog about some background information on Lipstick , it has changed dramatically as in the way it is made through these years ; but its its defiantly not a new product. Since the approval stage took so long I haven't ordered all my ingredients but i have been looking on amazon. I will most defiantly be making my first sample in February. This project has to be complete by May so crunch time is coming up. If you want to read more about the history of Lipstick (look below).
Check these websites ; also were i got my facts and information for this blog.

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Thanks for reading :) P.S. National LIPSTICK DAY is JULY 29th (yay).

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