Friday, January 9, 2015

Finally !

So today my project has been approved by my teacher . It took awhile to get it approved , but now i'm going to start ordering my materials off amazon . My goals for this month and the beginning of next month is to get all my materials i will need. Then from there i can begin trails and errors and writing up the recipes , so when i get people to try and sample it they will know what inside so people thats allergic to certain ingredients can avoid trying it. Im great that i can finally work on with my project because i was starting to loss motivation. I plan on making two collection either both the same colors and one glossy and another matte or a different color. I will see depending on how hard it is to come up with colors. When i come up with the colors i will make sure to post pictures and ask for y'all to help me come up with names. Hopefully my blog with become more popular when i start sending in pictures to show what i'm working on. But until the next post make sure to comment , add me to you feed , comment and share. Thanks to all who has been keeping up with my blogs. :)

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