Friday, January 23, 2015

Last Steps

Hi , so this week i've been ordering my materials off of amazon . I have everything i need except the Shea butter and cheese cloth , one i get those materials i will start my samples. I ordered 12 lipstick tubes which now that I'm thinking about it i might need more , but we will see. Im still working on the names and formulating the recipes for both collections (bold & matte). Since this is a project and I'm asking a project that has natural ingredients and its going on ones skin ,  i will be making consent letters. It will include the samples name they are trying , the ingredients included and ones signature. I will allow them to sample it for a week and keep up with feedback as to how it works on their skin and so on. I meant to take pictures and Post them to show the materials i will be using. Since i like to include information i will tell some benefits and other ways to use the oils and butters that will be in the lipsticks.

Coconut Oil: is a edible extracted oil it can be used in cooking for a healthier oil also with hair regiments. Its also used in medicines. It good for clean health skin as well. Other uses include; toothpaste , oil pulling , face wash and more

Shea butter: Common uses as lotion , helps with locking in moisture and keeping your skin healthy and smooth for a long period of time. Other uses include ; soaps , lotions , hair conditioner ,body washes and plenty more

There are more oils that I'll use in my lipstick but there are two. Stay tune , pictures will be included on the next blog. Comment , share and add to you feed :) Have a great weekend

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