Saturday, January 31, 2015

Late update

Okay so like i said in my last post i have all my materials . i will still be showin a picture of them but ill make a separate post for the pictures. Other then getting all the materials im writing up the recipes i will do so when i get ready to try them it wont take as long. Also it will be easier if its already written so when i give samples out i can just show the ingredients. So i can get direct feedback on the form i typed up i left a feedback section. So i type this like understanding form or i dont know what you would call it , but everyone who has a sample has to sign it with the understanding that these are 100% natural ingredients and its out there own curiosity and intreast to try it on their skin . I will provide the ingredients on the form as well so there isnt any secrets and even though these ingredients are gentler and healthier for ones skin some people with sensitive or fragile skin may still have a issue . Im excited to see the feedback for people that try my product. 2 weeks from now ill start my trails . Until then keep reading ,make comments and share .

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