Saturday, April 18, 2015

Coming to the end

Its coming to the end of this project , i still have to do some of my chapsticks over but i learned through this project if you dont have the passion or motivation for something it wont get done. With me its probably other priorities and the fact im in 5 other class and the fact id have to order more stuff after i ordered what i thought would be it in order to get this lipstick to be what it needed to be. But in stead chapstick is usually not tinted and since that was my issue with the lipstick finding a way it could still be 100% and tinted i just swiched. I did make some chapstick but the amount of coconut was high and so it didnt solidify like i need it to . Coconut oil starts at a lower heat range to begin melting so it would be easy for you to accidentally leave it in the car and it be liquid gold. So i have to empty the tubes and start over . But either way if i use shea butter it has a higher melting temp but it can still melt so basically with natural chapsticks or lipsticks they cant be in heated areas due to the oil contents . Either tomorrow or later this upcoming week when i feel like redoing them ill have a mid week blog post to feel you in and also make up for the ones i havent done .

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