Friday, April 3, 2015


So i recently just two days ago finish my product. It happens to be chap stick instead because i just couldn't find a way to tint the lipstick . I did a coconut and shea butter base and 5 have honey and the others have lemon tea and pure vanilla extract in them. As i was checking them this morning i realized that i used more coconut oil then shea butter so its greasy and if not used in small quantity it will bleed off some peoples lipstick. So i will either advertise it as a lip conditioner just for smoothing purposes not to like just wear out or to put on top of lipstick to bring a glossy finish. Im glad i'm done with my product but it has flaws so i'm not sure if i want to let people use it or not , but its totally safe to put on your skin its just very greasy . So if anyone wants to comment ideas that would be nice.

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